about us

The Thrifty Mug is an online shop dedicated to feeding the homeless while providing vintage and thrifted mug junkies, like myself, with a curated collection of unique, vintage, and quirky thrifted mugs.

50% of every mug sold will go directly to the City Rescue Mission of Lansing which has been providing food, shelter and hope to those in need since 1911. If mugs aren’t really you’re thing,  but you’d like to donate to this incredible cause, you can donate here.

We will continue to update our inventory with our favorite thrifted finds.

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Contact us at TheThriftyMug@gmail.com

The staff


My name is Rachelle, author of Messy Minimalism (releasing December 7th, 2021). I’m a writer, school nurse, wife and mother of three kiddos who also happen to be employees. 

When I’m not scouring the city in search of the perfect vintage coffee mug, I’m writing over at Abundant Life With Less

There I share a practical, sustainable, doable approach to minimalism. 


Quality control, thrifter and logo stamper.


Packaging and labeling


Distribution assistant and string cutter